From For Sale to Sold

Reaching The Goal Of 'Sold'

The resolution has been made - it's time to sell your property. Now how do you make it to the promised land of champagne and 'SOLD' signs from here?

Let's Talk - Establishing Goals
You've done your homework and we're honoured you've placed your trust in Pagan Real Estate. It's time to discuss what you need and make a plan informed by a judicious price goal, based on your property's individual circumstances, and the type of sale that will most efficiently produce the results you seek.

Confirm The Commitment
With an overview before us, the next step is for you to sign an Authorised Sale Authority so we can put the plan into action.

Establishing Marketing
In consultation with you, we'll select the optimal marketing methods and arrive at the best form of campaign for your property.

Section 32 And Contract Of Sale
Now it's time to have your solicitor or conveyancer help you prepare the Vendor's Statement (Section 32) and Contract of Sale, so that the paperwork is in order for prospective buyers.

Putting Your House In Order
It can be hard to know what impressions your home makes on fresh eyes, so we'll help you with objective advice on displaying your home to its best advantage. It's time to banish squeaky hinges and cluttered corners, and we can organise assistance with presentation if desired.

Preparing To Tell The World
Now we build the marketing campaign by assembling photographs, floor plan and copy to make the most compelling presentation.

Hitting The Market
The campaign goes live - advertising begins to pique interest, we review our buyer database and conduct buyer inspections. We keenly oversee the campaign as time progresses to ensure the most advantageous exposure.

Fielding Offers And Keeping You Informed
Things are really progressing now - we'll keep you abreast of what happens during inspections and monitor responses, along with presenting offers and empowering you with the benefit of our professional perspective.

Sealing The Deal
Whether by auction or private sale we'll work to find the most motivated buyer for your property and arrive at a successful outcome. Once negotiations have been wrapped up and legal documents signed congratulations are in order!